Ledyard Sportsman Club

Welcome to the Ledyard Sportsman Club. Here you can find information about the club, what we do, when we do it, and how to get in contact with us. 

Please Note: The Ledyard Sportsman Club is private, and its facilities are available to members only. Please use the "Contact Us" page if you would like to inquire about membership.

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Cowboy Action Shooting

We've got a great mix of experienced shooters and new shooters and invite you to join us in the fastest-growing shooting sport in America: Cowboy Action Shooting. We have a lot of fun and will be glad to help new shooters get started. Our shoots are on the first Saturday of each month and we usually shoot 6 fun stages. Ammo: 60 Pistol, 60 Rifle, and no more than 36 shotgun. The Safety Meeting is at 9:30 a.m. You will need eye and ear protection.

For More info contact:
Gene Shanahan (Yosemite Gene) email: Yosemitegene@aol.com 
Amy Stuchell (Appaloosa Amy) email: quakerhillgang@gmail.com